Finance Department Outsourcing

Acute Business Services outsourced CFO services can help your business manage its accounting and finance function professionally and proactively, allowing management to focus on your regular business operations and on what they do best.

Our service offering includes the external management of many business financial processes that, while necessary, do not directly add value to your business, including general ledger maintenance, transaction processing, company secretarial services, management reporting, and analysis.

Outsourcing these services to Acute Business Services will mean that you and your staff can spend more time on ensuring the successful operation of your core business, while remaining confident that we are achieving the best results with maximum efficiency for your business.

Our expertise and knowledge in this area means that you will receive an outsourced CFO service that is individually tailored to your business’ requirements, and upheld to the highest professional standard. Our personalised approach means that the benefits from using these services can be derived by companies of every size and nature. We work closely with the owners and management to align finance with the strategic focus of the company

Outsourced CFO services provide your business with cost effective essential management information, improving your ability to make informed and relevant decisions. 

Our services include:

  • Company set up and accounting system implementation
  • Management of all or part of the accounting and finance role
  • Taxation compliance
  • Regular management accounting and reporting
  • Employee payroll and remuneration packaging
  • Industry benchmarking and KPI analysis
  • Reporting in specific formats for consolidation with parent entity accounts
  • Working capital and cash flow management
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Create process efficiencies to improve business performance
  • Conduct regular meetings with owners and management teams to discuss business performance
  • Facilitate board meetings by setting up the process, attendance, document minutes
  • Facilitate business planning and strategy meetings

An outsourced finance department can significantly reduce your administrative burden and also ensures that management receives accurate and timely financial information to assist in effective decision making.